Sibling Doula

Sibling DoulaCongrats on expecting a new baby! But who is going to care for the other children while you are busy bringing life into the world? Not everyone has a trusted family member comfortable and familiar with birth, or a babysitter willing to be available in the middle of the night.

While you are laboring at home, hospital, or birth center, a sibling doula will provide constant supervision of your child/children. When labor begins I can come to your house to watch the children where they are most comfortable, or can follow the family to the birth place, ready to whisk away any little ones who find they are not completely on board with all of the exciting activity of labor and delivery.  I will answer questions in an age-appropriate manor as they arise and work with your family and birth team to ensure that your child’s experience is safe, nurturing, and aligned with your own desires.  I am also an experienced labor and postpartum doula and provides a calm and confident presence for all.

  • I will meet with the family 1-2 times for birth planning visits, during which your child can engage in birth-related activities (crafts, practice comfort measures, role play, read stories about birth, or whatever is age appropriate for your children) and form a stronger connection so I can be a trusted support person at the time of the birth
  • On-call 24hr starting at 38 weeks
  • Remain with your child throughout active labor, birth and two hours postpartum


Sibling Doula Investment: $650

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